Camp is an awesome way to get away from all of the things that might be distracting you from hearing from God. 
In summer of 2019, the Calvary Baptist teens will be headed to Pensacola Christian College for Teen Extreme Christian Camp. This is an opportunity for them to have one week away from any distraction simply to focus on God. We would ask that even now you begin praying that their hearts would be open and prepared for God to work. We would also ask that you would begin to pray how the Lord might lead you to invest in a campers future.

More Information can be found at 

Registration and Cost


Registration can be started at Teen Extreme Camp
To begin registration there is an upfront fee of $50 per teen. This ensures their spot for the summer. 
The total cost for camp is $130 (without the registration fee) 
Below are two ways your teen can pay for most if not all their camp fees. 




To help each teen to be able to afford camp this year we are asking for your help not just in donations. We would like to give back by helping you with a project that you may need doing. We hope that each job that they accomplish will be rewarded with a donation toward their camp. This donation can go straight to Pastor Nate or to the Calvary. Please make sure that it is labeled as a donation for that particular teen's camp fund. 

If you have a job that you need help accomplishing, please click on the button below and fill out the form. 

Bake Potato and Chili Night


What hits the spot when it's cold out? How about a hot baked potato and a warm cup of chili!
One of the ways you can help send a teen to camp is by coming to enjoy a night allowing them to serve you. Don't worry about a thing this evening, just come and enjoy food and fellowship!

February 10th after the evening Service